"My family loves Uncle Milts seasonings and sauces. . . the Habanero Hot Sauce is by far their favorite.  What a great Christmas gift idea for anyone that loves to cook or eat!"

         Doretta Doyle
     El Dorado Hills, CA

         I'm a big fan of Uncle Milts                   Wyo-Mex Salzza. It's the
        right combination of farm                       fresh vegetables & zesty                         salzza flavor. It's terrific 
        on chips, great barbeque,
        & kitchen recipes - a taste
        of Wyoming.
                           H. Pursley
                          Cody, Wyoming

Holy Smokes Bullwinkle !!!

That orange Habanero sauce is the best !!!  You are an awesome chef !! 
I love that stuff !!

I wanted to tell you so that you would hear some feedback from someone who loves your finger-licking good BBQ sauces.

Best wishes I send your way, Milton. I hope you did well at the show.  Catch you later.

Breath of the West
Powell, Wyoming 
Please be advised that I have known 
Milt Dearborn for a few years as a barbershop customer.  I love his specialty foods.  I have found Milton to be a very honest and people-loving man.  His products have sold well in my business.  The products are natural with no toxic preservatives added.  I have personally used them in my home.  


Coral Lea Rutar
Cowboy Cuts
1027 14th Street
Cody, Wyoming 82414


   Hi Milt, 
   Just want to let you know how much my family    enjoyed your Chipotle Garlic Rub!!  OMG!

   It made the meat melt in our mouths and the        flavor was to die for. Can't recommend it 

   This is a keeper!

   Susie Hyde
   Cameron Park, CA
Hey everyone, if you want some great BBQ sauces, steak and meat rubs and more, talk to Milt Dearborn.  He makes 'em the best!!! Praise the Lord for them gooooooood eats!!! And thanks Milt.

Ed and Colleen Klein
Portland, OR
We used Uncle Milts Santa Maria Steak Rub for our Christmas roast and it was such a big hit that we are using it on the roast today.  Another successful and delicious and family dinner.

I tried my fresh salsa last night after I got home from work, and it was super delish!  Just the right amount of seasonings and peppers.  

Thank you so much, Milt, for delivering my order promptly and for your thoughtful "thank you" note!

Laura Mack
Shingle Springs, CA
Broken Yoke Enterprises, LLC

See our testimonials and why our products are flying off the shelf ! 

Cheryl Page Yantis
Sacramento, CA
My favorite product is the Jalapeno Jelly. I serve it on a block of cream cheese with water crackers. It is sharp and delicious. It's great with champagne.

WOW and Double WOW! 

    Had to share with you about my husband 
    saying that I made the BEST meatloaf ever 
    a couple of weeks ago. He asked me what 
    I did differently, and I told him I put some 
    of your Sweet and Saucy BBQ Sauce, some 
    of your Milton's Magic, and some of your 
    Honey Mustard in it. DELICIOUS!! 
    He immediately told me to "write it down" 
    so I can make it that way again. 

    Thanks so much. We are REALLY 
    enjoying your products. We use
    them everyday. YUM!!!
                                Since I have become 
                a gourmet cook, I have tried
          many different chili seasonings. And 
     I have discovered that by far Milton's Chili    Seasoning is the best on the market. I use it in my tacos, enchaladas, and chili and beans.

                        Marcella McNamee
                        Sacramento, CA
Susan and John Sloan
El Dorado Hills, CA
   I love Uncle Milts' salsa and sauces! The mystical flavors 
   are so magnificent. I think his salsa is the best!  It's like 
   a party in your mouth. The smoothe salsa knows how to
   have fun! When I first tasted 
   his samples I couldn't stop eating, 
   and a small container just isn't enough.
   It's amazing how he can mix all those 
   delicious flavors together to make something so 
   wonderfully unique. It's like no other, and 
   I should know because I put salsa on 
   everything!  lol           Thanks, Uncle Milt!  
Donna Bellacera
Folsom, CA

                             I just wanted to say that I ordered some of 
                  Milton  Dearborn's spices, and I have to say that I 
                was blown away!  I purchased the Critter Rub and 
       Milton's Magic, and I love them. Now I don't have to buy all 
  of those different spices and  clutter my cabinet.  I'm so excited 
     that I found Uncle Milts!  He's  now my "go to guy" for spices.

I used Milton's Magic on our steaks last night and in our spaghetti sauce tonight.Yummy!  Totally worth it.

Beth Platz from Placerville, CA
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 Jade Skelton 
 Powell, Wyoming
               You haven't tasted gourmet until you've tasted Unclemilts™!             
   I Love to barbecue with          wood chips, and this little        can of Hickory Lemon Basil      makes it easy. It added a        wonderful subtle flavor to       this whole chicken.
   Bruce Robinson
   Elk Grove, CA