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     Q     How do I use Critter Rub?

     A      Sprinkle any meat generously with Critter Rub and work the spice 
             into the meat with your hands. Wrap meat in clear plastic wrap and
             refrigerate a couple of hours to allow the Critter Rub to marinate with 
             the juices of the meat. Grill to taste.

     Q     I am making grilled veggies. What would suggest I use on them?

     A     I would lightly brush them with a fresh olive oil and sprinkle with 
             Milton's Magic, Taco Seasoning, or Wyo-Mex Seasoning.

     Q     Do you have a good low-cal snack to eat while watching TV?

     A     Peel Jicima and cut into finger-sized slices. Squeeze juice of 
            fresh lime all over. Shake Taco Seasoning gently. Enjoy!  

     Q     How can I use any left over Jalepeno Jelly?

     A     This is a perfect rub for Pork or Lamb products. About 10 
             minutes before fully cooked, spoon jelly over top of meat. 
             Finish cooking to your taste. 

     Q     How can I spice up our old favorite Mac-N-Cheese?

     A     Make your recipe as usual. Before baking blend in a sprinkle 
            of Critter Rub.

     Q    How do you make those delicious looking spicy french fries?

     A     Cut up potatoes into quarter-inch slices. Put in bowl with tiny 
             bit of olive oil, and sprinkle with Milton's Magic (with or without 
             salt) and a shake or two of Wyo-Mex Seasoning. Bake on cookie

     Q     Is it possible to get three or four items in a gift basket for my 

     A     Yes. I would suggest a jelly, a shaker of spice, a bottle of BBQ
            Sauce, and a bottle of Steak Slather. Your products will be 
            wrapped in a seasonal basket with clear cellophane and 
            delivered to your door.

     Q     I'm a Vegan. Will your products work on vegetarian dishes?

     A     Yes, because my products contain all natural ingredients. They 
             are chemical free, MSG free, with no preservatives, artificial 
             coloring, or additives. They will be a good accent to your veggie
             burgers, tofu dishes, and anything you serve.

Milton Dearborn
         You haven't tasted gourmet until you've tasted Unclemilts™!